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NOTE: Due to the current pandemic, club play nights have been suspended until further notice. Please stay safe and we look forward to seeing you when things get back to "normal". 




Here's a list of "scheduled" cancellations for this season:

 Mon., Oct. 14 - Thurs., Dec. 5, - Dec.23 to Jan.2 (inclusive) -

Mon.,  Feb.17 - Mar. 16 to 19 (inclusive) - Thurs., Mar. 26 - Mon., April 13 -

Thurs. April 30 - Mon., May 18  

Last night of play: Thurs. May 28, 2020


Please check this website regularly for any additional cancellations


******The Club Now Has a Pro Shop!*****

It's a place where you can purchase badminton related items (from  rackets to headbands and everything in between). 

Check it out!   LINK





Check out this bit of BBC History





In these tough financial times the stress of just getting by can cause it's share of health problems. Badminton (especially at the Bowmanville Badminton Club) is a great way to:

- relieve that stress  

- stay or get in shape

- socialize with old and new friends

- it's a high source of fiber (or am I confusing badminton with bran flakes?)

- and most importantly, do all of the above economically!

So be sure to take advantage of all this and come out to play. (Feel free to bring a friend!)


Age Requirements: 13 and up



Our club is a member in good standing of the 

Central Ontario Badminton Association (COBA)

That means we've joined other clubs in sharing badminton news, tournament opportunities, as well as training. 

If you have any questions about COBA (or Badminton Ontario) just ask the COBA district president (Russ Le Blanc) who is also a member of our club. 

Also be sure to check out COBA's website 



Got a question, a suggestion about the club, a beef, something you like? Simply email LINK





The club plays at the Bowmanville High School - (Bowmanville Ontario)

Guest page with map - This eliminates the excuse "I forgot where I was going!" Plus it's handy for people who are new to our club and/or would like to visit to check it out.


Remember having FUN is a key element in our club.

Send mail to  (Russ Le Blanc) yourgoals @ (omit spaces) with questions or comments about this web site.

Last modified: March 18, 2020