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21 Point Rally

If you watch tournament badminton play you might ask yourself:  "How are they scoring these games?"  Welcome to the "Rally Point". It was introduced, several years ago, and is now the official scoring system as sanctioned by the IBF (International Badminton Federation).  It's a quicker game (even though the game goes to 21 points) where every serve counts. 

Your team can score a point even when the other team is serving. If you lose a serve - you lose a point AND the serve goes to your opponents. The only way you keep serving is to keep scoring points. (Under this system there's no more second serve per team. If you fail on the first serve you lose a point and the serve switches to your opponents.) 

Also, if you gain back the serve, your team doesn't automatically start serving from the right. If you have an odd amount of points, the serve starts by going to the left (and to the person standing in that box.) Much like playing singles under the old scoring system.

 Confused??? Well it isn't that hard once you get the hang of it. The biggest challenging is remembering the score, since the scoring happens so fast. The best advice (I know, I know, keep playing the old way which you can certainly do) is to have someone say the score out loud after every point. Other recreational clubs, in the area, are sticking with the old 15 point system and your BBC executive decided to do the same . However, if you'd like to play the new system be our guest, as long as all 4 players agree. Please see Doreen, Chuck, Dave or Russ for more details. (We'll be placing a more detailed description concerning  "Rally Point Scoring" on this website in the near future.

So now you know! 


NOTE: Our club still uses the old 15 point scoring system.



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Last modified: June 11, 2018