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The Bowmanville Badminton Club has been a fixture in Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada (Toronto suburb) since before WII. Its members' range from beginners to seasoned players (ages 13 and up) and hail from various parts of Durham Region and beyond. Part of the club's success is its social atmosphere. That's not to say a competitive spirit hasn't crept into a match or two. Yet no matter what the game the word "Fun" is always front and center.

Not knowing anyone does not = few games played, at our club.

We operate a "ladder system" when it comes to filling up the courts with games. It's a fair and efficient system where EVERYONE gets to play! We're known for our hospitality no matter what your skill level.

We play Monday and Thursday nights from 7:15 - 10PM at the 

Bowmanville High School, 

45 Liberty St. North. 


The season runs from Sept. and ends somewhere between the end of April and mid-June (depending on late season membership interest). 

Membership is $120 for the season. We do have the odd cancellation due to school closure and/or events hosted in the gym. Unscheduled cancellations are posted on this website ASAP.


Important Info - Badminton has come a long way when it comes to proper attire, however we do ask that you view the following:

 Please be sure you wear proper gym shoes (non scuffing sneakers), T-shirts, shorts, sweat pants are fine (including multi-color). Please refrain from wearing hats (ie: ball caps), halter tops & sleeveless shirts.  




Club Executive

Chuck Prentice - President

 Doreen Lavoie Bird - Vice President/Registrar

Patty Seaton - Administrator/Treasurer

Jim Walker - Equipment Set Up


Send mail to  (Russ Le Blanc) yourgoals @ (omit spaces) with questions or comments about this web site.

Last modified: September 03, 2019